TESLA To Release ‘Shock’ In March

January 21, 2019

Tesla is releasing a new studio album (their 8th) called “Shock” on March 8 ’19!

The new album was produced and co-written by Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen and follows up 2014’s “Simplicity”.

“Shock” track listing:

01. You Won’t Take Me Alive
02. Taste Like
03. We Can Rule The World
04. Shock
05. Love Is A Fire
06. California Summer Song 
07. Forever Loving You 
08. The Mission 
09. Tied To The Tracks 
10. Afterlife 
11. I Want Everything 
12. Comfort Zone

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon talked to The Metal Voice about “Shock”: “It definitely has an ’80s kind of polished production… but there is no real direction. I always quote ‘[This Is] Spinal Tap’, when Nigel [Tufnel] says, ‘Changing our style is our style.’ We don’t really pigeonhole ourselves into one sound. We’ve got elements of metal, country, Americana, a lot of these different directions… This new album, it has the big production, but every song sounds different. Each guy in the band has a different influence. I’m influenced by southern rock a lot, so you’re going to hear some slide guitar riffs on there, but there’s also, like, [bassist] Brian Wheat, who’s influenced by Queen and The Beatles, so you’re going to hear these big Beatle vocals. Phil Collen obviously, you’re going to hear some Def Leppard-style influence… It’s a combo pizza, man. It’s got everything on it.”


Which other “90s” rock band would you like to see release a new album?


Written by Todd Hancock