System Of A Down touring with At The Drive In, Incubus and more

April 10, 2018

If you follow System Of A Down on Twitter, you’ve seen some cryptic posts as of late – a countdown to an announcement… System have US tour dates planned with At The Drive In, Incubus, Clutch & more! The dates are below.

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With the announcement of the below dates – do this mean fans can expect a new album to coincide?

Remember back in July 2017 – singer Serj Tankian said he wasn’t optimistic about a new album (they haven’t released a full-length since 2005) being released any time soon, “We’ve discussed it and we’ve played each other songs, but we still haven’t come eye-to-eye on how things should be done for us to be able to move forward with it. And that’s where it’s been.”

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Regardless, a new SOAD album or not, how about these shows?! At The Drive In AND Clutch opening?! Sat. October 13th San Bernardino, California. Could be show of the year.



Written by Todd Hancock