STONE SOUR New Album ‘Hydrograd’ Release Info

March 6, 2017

Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor posted a video on the band’s Facebook page (where they “kidnap” a mega fan from Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, California). Their new album, “Hydrograd”, will be released in June via Roadrunner Records!


“Hydrograd” was recorded at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, California with producer Jay Ruston (Anthrax & Steel Panther).

Taylor told the BBC Radio 1 “Rock Show” that the band “destroyed it” during the recording sessions for “Hydrograd”. He explained: “Everyone is saying the same thing — not only are the songs good but the energy is incredible, because it has that live vibe. This is not beat detected, Auto-Tuned, pitch-corrected — nothing. It is so badass, it’s not even funny.”

When BBC Radio 1 “Rock Show” asked when we’ll hear new Stone Sour, Corey said: “Hopefully soon. We have a tune that we’re probably going to leak. It’s gonna be a heavier anthem tune, but not in a way that is usual. I mean, that’s kind of the cool thing about this whole album — the heavy stuff is heavy, but not in a typically mediocre, normal heavy way. It just has such a different vibe to it that it’s really infectious; people are really catching on to it. So the first tune, it could have very easily been a single. But we have six singles on this album as well. And you know what? We’re just gonna come out and bust people and see what happens. I’m really, really excited.”

Stone Sour’s last full set of original material was the “House Of Gold & Bones” double album, which was released in two parts in 2012 and 2013. The band also released two EPs of cover songs in the last couple of years, “Meanwhile In Burbank…” and “Straight Out Of Burbank”.


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