Steve Miller defends Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame comments

April 16, 2016

Steve Miller has defended the comments he made to Rolling Stone, after his induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (he slammed the overall experience, lack of female inductees & respect for artists and the music industry in general).

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Maybe you heard about the aftermath – The Black Keys said they regretted inducting Miller into the Hall. Miller dubbed people in the music industry “fucking gangsters and crooks”.

Miller has now done an interview with Billboard and says he feels bad for The Black Keys, adding: “I think their experience was as bad as mine. It shouldn’t have happened, and if the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame would have had good enough manners to at least introduce us, we’d probably be friends. We have a lot in common, and I think they’ve been played pretty good by Rolling Stone.”

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Miller continued, saying that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has been turned into an elitist group, and that those nominated are the opposite of the spirit of rock and roll.

Defending his comments at the ceremony, he added: “You have to speak truth to these people. The whole experience is not like what you would think being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame would be. You’d think it would be a wonderful experience.

“The whole process feels like you’re dealing with a company that wants you to give them everything and they’re going to go make all this money and they’re going to do everything with it, and you have no input into it, no say about any of it, take it or leave it. Probably what the general public thinks and what it really is are two different things.

“We all want to support the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the public takes it seriously. But they’ve turned it into a really cold, hard-ass deal. It needs to be transparent, and it needs to be fair.”

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Miller also elaborated on the “gangster and crooks” comments after his induction. In a damning reflection on the music industry, he said: “As everybody that has had a taste of the record business knows, they are gangsters and crooks.

“My record companies have grossed over $1 billion from my work, and I’ve spent 50 years auditing them to force them to pay me what my contracts call for. I caught them illegally selling hundreds of thousands of my records in markets worldwide. They’ve broken their contracts; they’ve broken their word. They have built-in theft in all their accounting.”


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