Steppenwolf: ‘The Epic Years 1974-1976’ Box Set Due Next Month

December 10, 2022

Good news! The Steppenwolf box set, “The Epic Years 1974-1976”, is being released January 27, 2023!

Steppenwolf formed in ’67 in L.A. by John Kay (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Goldy McJohn (organ, piano) and Jerry Edmonton (drums). All members were formerly in The Sparrows. They were joined by Michael Monarch (lead guitar) and Rushton Moreve (bass).

In ’68, the band released “Born To Be Wild” and were launched into success (especially when the song was used in the classic ’69 film “Easy Rider”).

The band would go on to release eight albums over the next four years before ultimately disbanding (or some would say take a hiatus). They would get the band together in ’74, releasing another three albums by ’77.

“The Epic Years 1974-1976” track listing:

Disc One – Slow Flux

01. Gang War Blues
02. Children Of Night
03. Justice Don’t Be Slow
04. Get Into The Wind
05. Jeraboah
06. Straight Shootin’ Woman
07. Smokey Factory Blues
08. Morning Blue
09. A Fool’s Fantasy
10. Fishin’ In The Dark

Disc Two – Hour Of The Wolf

01. Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)
02. Annie, Annie Over
03. Two For The Love Of One
04. Just For Tonight
05. Hard Rock Road
06. Someone Told A Lie
07. Another’s Lifetime
08. Mr. Penny Pincher

Bonus tracks

09. Angeldrawers (B-side of single)
10. Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World) (Mono promotional single mix)

Disc Three – Skullduggery

01. Skullduggery
02. (I’m A) Road Runner
03. Rock N’ Roll Song
04. Train Of Thought
05. Life Is A Gamble
06. Pass It On
07. Sleep
08. Lip Service

You can pre-order the Steppenwolf box set here.

Which band would you like to see release a special box set?


Written by Todd Hancock