Stance launches Metal Socks

February 2, 2017

…not socks made of metal, but socks inspired by some Heavy Metal gods.


The boys from Slayer, Motorhead and Iron Maiden are no strangers to branded clothing (just ask their line of Christmas sweaters) but socks are a new venture. Now the high-quality prints are currently available as part of the “Legends Of Metal” line.

Slayer’s socks come adorned with a design similar to album artwork for “Show No Mercy,” while the Motorhead and Iron Maiden socks take inspiration from their respective self-titled albums.

Not including shipping and handling, the socks will run you back about 15 pounds (roughly 25 Canadian bucks as of this writing). That may seem a little steep until you consider how cool the socks are gonna look matched with your Slayer Christmas Sweater.

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