“Sir” Ringo Starr

January 2, 2018

Ringo Starr was first knighted as a member of the Beatles back in 1965 and in 2018 he’ll be receive a solo knighting!

Photo credit: Peter Bynre/PA Wire

This time, Starr will be knighted for “services to music.” Starr’s bandmate Paul McCartney was knighted in 1997 and took to Instagram to send congratulations.


Meanwhile, Yoko Ono took to Twitter to say, “I am very happy that you have received this honor from the Queen. It’s about time! Huge congratulations … It is an honor for everyone in the Beatles’ family.”


“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be considered and acknowledged for my music and my charity work, both of which I love,” Starr wrote in a statement. “Peace and love.”

The Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb will also be knighted in 2018.


Written by Todd Hancock / https://twitter.com/toddcastpodcast

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