Shinedown Is Working On Their Next Studio Album!

September 24, 2020

KLOS 99.5 FM Los Angeles show “Whiplash” recently talked to Shinedown singer Brent Smith and got confirmation that Smith and bassist/producer Eric Bass are in the “beginning stages” of creating their new, seventh studio album!


Smith said, “Each and every time we go into the studio, and I think we’ve gotten better at it over the years, but that’s what you need to do — you need to evolve. You don’t need to write the same song over and over again; you don’t need to write the same record over and over again. So we always try to be fundamentally aware of that when we walk in.

He added, “One of the mindsets that we’re doing to not do the same thing on this record and to really look at not setting up boundaries, per se, for our songwriting, but we’ve kind of proven that we can make these very large records, these very cinematic, orchestrated records with this wall of sound.”

“What we wanna try to do with this album is we do want to hone it back down to drums, bass, guitar and vocals and the best songs that we can write and the freshest songs we can write with the most tenacity and the most ferociousness that we can express.”

Shinedown is a beast of a band. Last month they broke the record for the most No. 1s ever in Billboard’s 39 year history of the Mainstream Rock Songs chart. BROKE THE RECORD. Their song “Atlas Falls” gave them their 16th No. 1 song!

“Atlas Falls” was written in 2013 and is the first song made available at the band’s vault. Grab an exclusive song / T-shirt and money raised helps the band’s COVID-19 fundraising effort.

Do you think they’ll hit 20 #1 songs on Billboard? 

Can I suggest “Juggernaut” as their next album?


Written by Todd Hancock

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