SCOTT STAPP: ‘The Space Between The Shadows’ Album Details

April 24, 2019

Creed frontman Scott Stapp is cueing a comeback! Watch the video for his new single “Purpose For Pain” off his new album (his first in six years) “The Space Between The Shadows”, due out July 19, 2019!

“Purpose For Pain” is currently one of the most added songs to rock radio in the US.

Stapp says, “This album comes at a time where I have empathy, instead of anger, for what the ‘boy’ in the video went through. My heart will always ache for him but as a man who’s had successes, failures, four children, and a lot of support, I now identify with the boy in the last frame who sees infinite possibilities on the horizon and he finally trusts that he never really walks alone. The album cover is related to that concept — a boy journeys within and emerges a man with stories to tell and lessons to share.”


Track listing:

01. World I Used To Know
02. Name
03. Purpose For Pain
04. Heaven In Me
05. Survivor
06. Wake Up Call 
07. Face Of The Sun 
08. Red Clouds 
09. Gone Too Soon 
10. Ready To Love 
11. Last Hallelujah (bonus track) 
12. Mary Crying (bonus track)

Stapp’s ready for a comeback – after going through a highly publicized meltdown in 2014. He checked into a rehab program, lost custody of his three kids, missed a court hearing and allegedly threatened to kill US President Obama.

He’s now sober and in therapy – and starts a US cross-country summer tour in late June.

Do you think Scott’s solo album will do as well as Creed?


Written by Todd Hancock