Rival Sons’ New Album ‘Almost In The Can’

November 4, 2021

Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday was recently a guest of 96.7 KCAL-FM in San Bernardino California and talked about writing and recording the follow-up to 2019’s “Feral Roots” album and when you can expect it!

Holiday said, “We have a record almost in the can right now. We’re pretty much done. It’s just really difficult. Our dear friend Dave Cobb, our longtime producer, is a busy man, and he’s only gotten busier and harder to nail down. So with everything, between all the protocol and COVID stuff and finding time with him, and now he’s out on tour with Chris Stapleton where he plays acoustic guitar part time, we’re just looking for our window to jump back in and wrap it up. And I’m hoping we can do that in January. One more session we’re gonna have and we’re gonna put a bow on it and get that out to everybody. I think we have a really great record kind of just about there.”

Holiday added that the new album is similar to their older material, “The only difference was that me and Jay [Buchanan, vocals] spent more time writing back and forth, ’cause we were trapped at home with this pandemic. But when it came to recording, we really didn’t spend much more time than that still. We didn’t share too much with the [other] guys, so that meant when we went in to record, it kept things really off the cuff. So don’t worry, everyone, you’re still getting a normal, true-to-heart Rival Sons record.”

This past June, Rival Sons did a two-night livestream event called “Pair Of Aces” where they performed their debut LP, “Before The Fire”(2009), in its entirety on the first night and their self-titled EP, “Rival Sons” (2010), on the second. The promo is above.

Meanwhile, the band launched their own label, Sacred Tongue Recordings, with distribution through Thirty Tigers. Perhaps it’s worthwhile for rock bands to reach out and share their material with the band.

Rival Sons is one of my favourite bands of the last few years. Who else makes your list?


Written by Todd Hancock

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