Refused Release ‘Born On The Outs’ Video & ‘The Malignant Fire’ EP Out Next Month!

October 23, 2020

Wonder if we weren’t in the middle of this COVID pandemic if we’d get a new Refused EP? Creative juices are flowing and consequently we get “The Malignant Fire” on November 20! There’s four new songs and one album track, including “Born On The Outs”!

Singer Dennis Lynźen said of the EP, “There are certain traditions within the Refused camp and one of the sturdiest is the idea that after every album there comes an EP. This time, however, I think that we outdid ourselves. ‘Malfire’ is my favorite song of the record so it’s more than fitting that we shine some extra light on that. This EP was supposed to be something that was released before a tour but in these weird times that tour never happened. However, this still a great EP that follows a great record. More than ever, we need music to lead the way when things are the darkest. Here’s a little attempt from us.”

“The Malignant Fire” EP track listing:

01. Malfire
02. Born On The Outs
03. Organic Organic Organic (Go Fuck Yourself)
04. Faceless Corporate Violence
05. Jackals Can’t Be Bothered To Dream

Which forthcoming albums / EPs are you most looking forward to?


Written by Todd Hancock

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