QOTSA tease… something

April 6, 2017

Queens Of The Stone Age hasn’t released any new music since Like Clockwork came out in 2013. But today (April 6th) they posted a picture to all of their social media pages to tease… something is coming.

The post simply reads COMING TWENTYFIVE with an exploding planet as a stylized Q. Although that’s pretty cool, that’s it – there’s no clarification on what’s coming, when it’ll get here (the 25th is a good guess) or anything else.

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has teased that the band’s next album is on his schedule, so guessing at a new album isn’t that far off. The band also has a set of tour dates from June to August.

Homme had spent much of 2016 touring with Iggy Pop for “Post Pop Depression.” He also announced that he and Brody Dalle had given birth to their third child.


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