Prince returning to the Internet?

January 31, 2017

Warner Bros has appeared to reached a deal with the Prince estate to ensure some of the former artists music will live on through major streaming services.

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iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other prominent streamers are set to start playing Prince tunes starting Feburary 12th, the night of the Grammy Awards. So far the deal includes the Purple One’s releases with Warner Bros music – the remaining albums (and a couple unreleased ones…!) are still being negotiated.

An official announcement is still forthcoming, which could give time for both sides to include the FULL discography.

Prince was critical of online streaming when he was still alive, mostly noting that it was a system that wasn’t designed to make an artist rich off digital sales. However, Prince seemed to soften his opinion in his later years, reconciling with Warner Bros and allowing his new music to exclusively be streamed over TIDAL.

Tidal is currently being sued by Bremer Trust, the wealth management company currently in control of Prince’s estate, over the exclusivity of the music. The results of that lawsuit, and the possibility of counter-suits, might actually put the plan in jeopardy.