Plans for Soundgarden Doc scrapped; Film on Chris Cornell coming

January 13, 2017

Some bittersweet news for Soundgarden fans today as plans for the documentary on the band have been scrapped. However, it was also announced a film based on the career of Chris Cornell is on the way.


Back in 2014, Banger Films first disclosed they’d be making the Soundgarden doc, collaborating with Canadian indie director Reg Harkema (who’d previously worked with Banger Films on the “Super Duper Alice Cooper” film).

But on January 11th during an Ask Me Anything session with Banger TV, Banger Films Sam Dunn revealed some news as to why you haven’t heard any news about the doc in a while.

“We were in a long development phase with the band, and we put the call out to fans and people who love the band and had photos and memorabilia in their collection — things that we might be able to use for the film — but, unfortunately, kind of at the last minute, the one-yard line, if you will, the plan kind of fell apart. Not everyone in the band wanted to do the film. That’s the crux of it,” Dunn says of the project.


Then, as if to soften the blow, Dunn made the unofficial announcement that, “we will be doing a Chris Cornell documentary, which I’m really excited about because, although one fourth of Soundgarden, this is a guy whose career is obviously a huge part of the Soundgarden story and vice versa. But also his story goes far beyond Soundgarden, obviously with Audioslave and then with his own solo project.”

So although we’re not getting the full Soundgarden doc, we’re still getting a bit of their story, PLUS an inside look at Audioslave and Chris Cornell. That’s still pretty cool.
No official release date has been announced yet.

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