Pearl Jam’s ‘Dark Matter-verse’ event in London Will Launch new album

April 11, 2024

Pearl Jam is doing a special ‘Dark Matter-verse’ event in London on the same day they release their new album!

‘Dark Matter’ is their 12th studio album and is coming April 19. You can pre-order here.

So far, they’ve released the title track, and the follow-up, ‘Running’.

The London event takes place at Outernet on April 19, from 2pm to 7pm. If by chance you’re in the city – the event is free to enter! It’s being described as “an immersive and interactive experience” that celebrates the band’s history.

A press release says the venue will “come alive as a vibrant canvas of visual and audio content, for fans to be transported through time with career highlights, curated photo galleries and electrifying live performance footage”.

And this is cool – songs from the ‘Dark Matter’ LP will be played using 360-degree spatial audio, and there will be a “visual journey” starting every 15 minutes in Outernet’s Now Building.

Meanwhile, singer Eddie Vedder recently said he thinks the band has another ‘one or two’ good records in them after ‘Dark Matter’, “The older you get the better you are at living in the present. The understanding you have less time is the biggest number in the quotient. The goal is to keep making music.”

Could you imagine a world without Pearl Jam? No, thanks. Let’s hope Eddie is wrong.


Written by Todd Hancock