PEARL JAM Rallies Against Homelessness

September 29, 2018

Leave it to Pearl Jam to do something super cool. They held a press conference on Thursday (Sept 27) to announce a Washington statewide effort to end youth homelessness.


Here’s some of the statement from the band: “Every year, more than 13,000 unaccompanied young people under the age of 25 experience homelessness in the state of Washington — 1,500 experience homelessness on any given night in Seattle and King County alone. Every person deserves a safe and stable home. To achieve this goal, Pearl Jam is banding together with two efforts — working in coordination — to end youth homelessness in King County and across Washington State.”

Pearl Jam will work with All Home to help ensure every young person in Seattle and King County has a home by 2020. The band will also support A Way Home Washington’s “Anchor Community” initiative, a pilot program to end youth homelessness in four Washington communities by 2022.

Good on ’em!

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam are working on a new album and should have it out in 2019.


Written by Todd Hancock