Pearl Jam combat homelessness with $10.8M Donation!

March 3, 2019

How cool is this?! Pearl Jam has raised $10.8M to fight homelessness thru their “Home Shows” initiative! Over the next few months that money will be distributed to about 100 Seattle organizations!


Some of the money raised was from the band’s ticket & merch sales from their Home Show concerts at Safeco Field in August ’18, but most came through philanthropic donations.

Guitarist Stone Gossard said, “Everyone we’ve communicated with and worked with has been dying for support, dying for coalescence around the issue and some attention being paid to it. We get a lot of attention, so here’s an opportunity for us to use some of that attention for something that’s ripe and ready for a shift.”

You’ll remember that just last week Pearl Jam also said they were setting $600,000 aside to help Washington state end youth homelessness.

How amazing is this?! Don’t you just love Pearl Jam even more now?


Written by Todd Hancock