Paul Stanley’s son Evan Stanley Launches Amber Wild, Hear Debut Single

October 23, 2023

Can you imagine the pressure of being the son of KISS‘ frontman Paul Stanley and deciding to put together a band and releasing new music? That’s what Evan Stanley is faced with. He started his band, Amber Wild, in January 2023 and if the first single, ‘Breakout’, is any indication, you can expect big guitars, huge drums, and raw vocals!

Amber Wild has been cutting their teeth on the Los Angeles club circuit and made their festival debut at this year’s Aftershock in Sacramento.

The band released their double-A side debut single “Breakout // Silver” on October 19th – coinciding with their run opening for KISS on their “End Of The Road” tour in the U.S.

Stanley said, “A little while ago I had this feeling of everyone and everything pushing in on me and squeezing until there was none of me left. I’d lost touch with my own compass almost completely. As an artist, it’s a really scary thing to lose that connection and writing ‘Breakout’ was my way of pushing back.”

Evan’s mother is actress Pamela Bowen, who you saw in 35 episodes of the soap opera “Days Of Our Lives” and in a number of TV series, including “Loving”, “McGuyer”, “Cheers”, “Matlock”, “Beverly Hills 20210”, “Land’s End” and “Broken At Love”. She also appeared in the KISS movie “Detroit Rock City”.


Amber Wild is:

Evan Stanley: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Marshall Via: Guitar, Vocals
Jake Massanari: Bass
Thomas Lowrey: Drums

Does Evan have an advantage being Paul’s son? Or is there undue pressure to compete because of his last name?


Written by Todd Hancock