Papa Roach Will Have ‘More Than’ An Album’s Worth Of New Music By Year’s End

April 3, 2024

Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix was recently a guest of the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast and talked about the band’s songwriting sessions to follow-up to 2022’s “Ego Trip” album.


Shaddix said, “ I’m going to visit my son for a few days and then right after that, I’m going back in the studio and writing new music. We’ve got seven songs, seven pieces of music already in the can. Well, not in the can necessarily, but four of them probably could be finished up. Three of them are already finished. And so we have a good momentum of creativity that we really wanna take advantage of. ‘Cause we’re not on the road. So it’s good for us to get together and be creative and make music and just keep flexing that muscle. ‘Cause I think if you don’t, you lose it. And so we’re committed to, once every other month, get together and write music together, and I think that that’s gonna make for… By the end of this year, shoot, we’ll have more than a record, I feel like. Is it all gonna get released? Maybe some of it we’re gonna co-write for other artists, and some of it maybe we’ll try to pitch it for a film or something like that. There are some that are definitely P-ROACH in the batch, and then there are definitely some that we’re, like, ‘Oh, this is a bigger vision.’ And that’s exciting in that way.”

This past February, Papa Roach’s “Leave A Light On” became the band’s 10th career #1, and its fourth from “Ego Trip”, on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart!

“Ego Trip” debuted at #6 on the Top Hard Rock Albums chart in April 2022. Will their new album crack the Top 5? My money is on Jacoby & co. to bring heat!


Written by Todd Hancock