NOFX’s Fat Mike new band ‘Codefendants’ releases two singles

November 24, 2022

NOFX singer Fat Mike took to his Instagram account to announce his new band ‘Codefendants’! And they’ve released two singles, ‘Suicide By Pigs’ and ‘Abscessed’ – you can hear them below.


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We know that NOFX’s ‘Double Album’ is coming out December 2, which could be their last, considering they announced a ‘farewell tour in 2023’ earlier this year.

According to a press release, Codefendants, made up of Fat Mike, Sam King and Ceschi Ramos, is a “genre fluid musical collective – a cross between hip hop, new-wave, flamenco, and the Beatles”.

The band’s first single, ‘Abscessed’, a collaboration with Get Dead, was released in October. They released ‘Suicide By Pigs’ this month.

The press release also described the origins of the new project: 

“Sam King from Get Dead’s graffiti crew were giving tattoos and making flash art to raise money to help rapper Ceschi Ramos when he was in prison. Months later they met at the Gilman Street Project in Berkeley, California. They bonded, talking about their love of hip-hop and punk rock, over a bottle of Jameson. They didn’t know it yet, but they had just started Codefendants. They began recording songs two years later in Los Angeles with Fat Mike from NOFX as producer. Soon after Fatty joined the band, they decided to make an album that sounded like nothing else. That album will be released in early 2023.”

Always down for new punk projects! Which bands would you like to see combine to create another? Build a ‘super group’!


Written by Todd Hancock