NIRVANA Manager To Release New Book

February 5, 2019

You gotta think this’ll be a page-turner! Danny Goldberg, one of Nirvana’s managers from 1990-1994, is putting out a book called “Serving The Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain” on April 2nd (close to the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death).


Goldberg was Nirvana’s manager during the massive success of the “Nevermind” album; Kurt’s meeting and marriage to Courtney Love; the birth of their daughter, Frances Bean; the addiction and suicide.

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth of the upcoming book: “Insightful, passionate and clear-eyed, Danny Goldberg’s account of his personal and professional relationship with Kurt Cobain is required reading for not only Nirvana enthusiasts, but anyone interested in how the corporate music industry engaged with the punk rock underground of the early 1990s. While providing an intimate view of the support system the band had from a world their scene was historically at odds with, Goldberg shares what is essentially the story of two men, a generation apart, who became unexpected friends through a mutual appreciation of feminism, LGBT rights, and a dedication to the activist power of music. It is a contemplative requiem to losing someone you love who immeasurably touched the entire planet with a singular magic.”

Cameron Crowe had this to say: “There have been many portraits of Kurt Cobain, but none as warm and clear-eyed as this one. Danny Goldberg has always been one of my favorite observer/journalist/architects of popular culture. It’s no surprise that his deeply personal memoir does what Cobain’s best work does. It burrows in deep, and sticks around. Add this to the rich sonic legacy of Nirvana – Goldberg’s soulful account of Cobain as a close friend, gone way too soon, yet vividly alive on every page of this remarkable book. Bravo, Danny.”

What’s the best rock book you’ve read? This one should be near the top!


Written by Todd Hancock