New Seether Is ‘In The Pipeline’

March 6, 2023

Seether bassist Dale Stewart was recently a guest of Heavy New York and talked about the band’s plan to work on the follow-up to 2020’s “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” album, “We’ll definitely be releasing some new music at some point. Where that’s gonna be on the timeline is hard to say.”

Stewart continued, “We’re at a place in our careers now where we… When you’re a baby band, it’s, like, ‘We need that album. You’ve gotta get it out. You’ve gotta get it out,’ whereas now we can take a little bit more time, make sure the songs are ready and then go in and knock it out. Shaun [singer; Morgan] just had a kid, so we’re not touring as hard as we did. But, yeah, we’re definitely gonna start working on some new stuff. So, yeah, just kind of keep an eye out for announcements on that. Nothing set in stone yet, but it’s in the future. So, don’t despair. There’s something in the pipeline. You’ve just gotta wait a little bit longer.”

You may remember that Seether released a deluxe verison of “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” last year, which has 22 songs, of which, five were previously unreleased.

Seether impressive sales and chart history includes three platinum and two gold albums, 18 #1 singles, 21 Top 5 multi-format hits, single sales topping 17 million and over two billion streams worldwide and the band is Billboard’s #8 all-time mainstream rock artist, which spans the charts 40 year history!

Do you think their new album will top the rock charts?


Written by Todd Hancock