New JIMMY PAGE Book, ‘The Anthology’

March 29, 2019

Talk about a page-turner! There’s a new book by Jimmy Page being released later on this year! It’s called “The Anthology”. This is the 2nd book Genesis Publications has done with Page – the first, “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page” continues to sell well worldwide.


“Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page” is a photographic autobiography. And worth the look!

You might also remember that Led Zeppelin released its first and only official illustrated book, “Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin” last year.

Page said that Zeppelin was made to stand out for eternity, “When I formed Led Zeppelin, I formed it with the idea and the ethos that it was going to change music. That’s what I wanted it to do — and it clearly did. And it brought to the forefront these master craftsmen that were involved with that band.”

If Page isn’t the best rock guitarist all-time, who is?


Written by Todd Hancock