New DEFTONES music in 2019!

December 4, 2018

You gotta love social media. Deftones took to their instagram account to let us know that they’re releasing new music in 2019. Check out their post from December 1, ’18.


Deftones haven’t released an album since Gore back in 2016. That album debuted #2 on the Billboard Top 200. It sold 69,000 albums.

You might remember, in August ’18, Deftones posted a couple shots of guitarist Stephen Carpenter in the recording studio. If indeed they have been steadily working on a new album, last month they took a break to put on their own festival called ‘Dia De Los Deftones’.

It’s presumptuous to say they’re working on a new album, but you gotta think it’s that, right?

Written by Todd Hancock