Ministry Is In Studio Working On Album #15!

March 30, 2020

What do you do if you’re in a kick ass band and it’s time to isolate? Ministry gets it. They’ve quarantined themselves in-studio, working on the follow-up to 2018’s “AmeriKKKant”.

Check out what they posted on their FB page:


You may remember at the tail end of last year, Ministry singer Al Jourgensen told Consequence Of Sound that they were thinking of making a new album, “I have a studio in my house that is currently under construction to make it ready for next year. So when I go back, we’ll go right into production on a new Ministry record and just record for, like, the next six months — very similar to what we did for [1988’s] ‘[The Land Of] Rape And Honey’ — and just record a bunch.”

They recorded “AmeriKKKa” (Jourgensen produced) at Caribou Studios in Burbank, California and released the album on March 2018. If you haven’t heard “I Know Words”, check it out; aimed at US President Donald Trump. NO WAY Trump liked this.


Last year, former Tool bassist Paul D’Amour joined Ministry. That’s big. D’Amour played on Tool’s “Opiate” and “Undertow” albums and recorded demos for 95’s “Aenima” before leaving due to personal differences.

Which other bands are you hoping are doing the same thing? I’ll start. Rage. Against. The. Machine.


Written by Todd Hancock