Mastodon Is ‘Ready’ To Begin Recording New Album

September 10, 2020

Mastodon bassist/singer Troy Sanders was recently a guest of the “Let There Be Talk Podcast” and revealed that they’re preparing to enter the studio to work on the follow up to their 2017 album “Emperor Of Sand”!

This will be the first album with new material since the death of longtime manager Nick John and the passing of tour manager Bob Dallas.

Sanders said, “We bought a building a couple of years ago. It’s called Ember City. It’s on the west end of Atlanta. And we’ve got about 17 rehearsal spots in here for local bands and a studio in the basement — a top-shelf studio called West End Sound — where we’ve been demoing all this material for a new record, with hopes to start recording down there any week now for the real deal, because we’ve got loads of materal. We’ve been chipping away this whole year. So I’m ready to hit ‘record’ for real and put a record out the beginning of next year.”

Sanders goes on to talk about how many songs they’ve written this time around, “For the first time ever, we’re over the 20 mark, which is a wonderful… I don’t wanna say ‘problem.’ It’s a great issue to sort through and, like, ‘Hey, what are we gonna focus on?’ But at the same time, we’ve never really worked on an idea unless we all really like it. So I’m hopeful that what we have here is two albums’ worth. Not that we’re gonna do a double album, but just going back to the fact that we were capable and able to be productive during this whole year.”

Mastodon also release a rarities collection titled “Medium Rarities” tomorrow (September 11). There is one new song on the album called “Fallen Torches” (featuring a guest appearance by Neurosis’ Scott Kelly), lots of covers, soundtrack songs, instrumentals, B-sides and live recordings. 

Mastodon’s last album debuted #7 on Billboard’s album chart. Do you think they’ll chart higher this time?


Written by Todd Hancock

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