‘Marvel’s Avengers’ will be getting three betas In August ’20!

July 16, 2020

This is cool! Marvel’s Avengers is getting three betas for players to try out next month!

They’ve been pretty hush-hush as to what you can expect, but we do know that a Marvel Avenger’s War Table presentation is scheduled for July 29 at 10am PST.

The first of the three betas starts August 7th exclusively for PS4 players who have pre-ordered the game. That runs ’til August 9th.

The next will run August 14-16 and will be open to all PS4 players as part of the games partnership with PlayStation.

The final beta will run August 21-23 and is open to all PS4 players.

Apparently this time around, character customization is a big focus and how each can be upgraded via the loot you find in the world. Skill points can be used to help your play style.

And, as they should be doing, if you buy Marvel’s Avengers on PS4, you’ll get a free upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X when those systems are released.

Which other Marvel titles would you like to see have a video game too?


Written by Todd Hancock