Machine Gun Kelly Promotes ‘Mainstream Sellout’

February 10, 2022

If you follow Machine Gun Kelly on Twitter, maybe you caught a tweet that showed him playing a bit of a new song from his forthcoming new album.


You may remember that MGK originally named his new album “Born With Horns”. Now ‘Mainstream Sellout’ is released March 25. And as we know, Willow collaborates with on ‘Emo Girl’!

“new album, new snippet, new guitar,” MGK wrote on Twitter, as he plays his ‘Tickets To My Downfall’-era pink guitar. Then to a shiny silver mirrored guitar and an unreleased track, more rap than pop-punk. OK. Does that mean a more rap-feel overall? 

I’m down. And honestly not sure which genre I like him doing better.

Blink182 drummer Travis Barker is producing MGK’s new album. Of course he is. If there’s anyone on this planet that makes more sense, please speak up now.


Written by Todd Hancock

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