LISTEN : New “A Perfect Circle” song via fan footage!

May 4, 2017

A Perfect Circle have been on tour lately, their first North American one in 6 years, and amid rumors of new material, the band showed off a brand new song!
Check out the fan footage of “Hourglass” below!

A Perfect Circle were performing at “Welcome To Rockville 2017” in Jacksonville Florida. The band had recently announced a worldwide record deal with BMG, and guitarist Billy Howerdel has been quoted as saying “If it all goes to plan, we should see [a new APC album] by the end of the year.”

Keep that in mind – “if it all goes to plan…”

Speaking of plans, Maynard’s other group Tool have had new material rumours tied to them as well. Tool is getting ready for a slew of tour dates themselves, including joining Primus and The Crystal Method for a mini music-festival in  San Bernardino, California on Saturday, June 24th.


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