Linkin Park: “We’re working up ideas”

May 1, 2020

Linkin Park bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell recently did a Dan Really Likes Wine live-stream and said that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic the band had started working on new music! 

As expected, you saw the band go on hiatus after their singer Chester Bennington committed suicide in July 2017.

Since Chester’s death, co-vocalist Mike Shinoda released his debut solo album. 

Farrell says they’re currently paused during the pandemic and told Dan Really Likes Wine, “So casually at this point, we’re doing Zoom meetings to eat lunch together and say, ‘Hi’. But we’re not able to get together and write or do that whole bit. So [we’re] working at home a little bit, working up ideas.”

Do you think Linkin Park should replace Bennington or just continue on with Shinoda as their frontman?


Written by Todd Hancock