Lily Allen says husband David Harbour gave “very strict guidelines” for OnlyFans account

July 7, 2024

How would you react if your spouse told you they wanted to create an OnlyFans page? Singer Lily Allen has revealed how her husband, actor David Harbour, reacted when she told him. 

Now granted, Allen’s account (created at the end of June ’24) is just pictures and videos of her feet. If you’re into that, she’s currently charging $10 / month.

During her BBC Sounds Miss Me? podcast (July 4 edition), Allen talked about Harbour’s reaction, “Yeah, he is, he thinks it’s great. At first, he was like, not turned on, but he was like, ‘Is this a kink for you?’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s totally not a kink,’ but maybe there’s something in the power element of it that’s slightly kinky for me.”

Allen’s co-host Miquita Oliver then said, “I think attention and power will always be a lifelong kink for you. And we’re just kind of surfing both. So, yeah, I bet you’re having a great time.”

Allen also said Harbour gave her “very strict guidelines” for posting content.

Fair enough, right? Feet? Sure. Much beyond that? I dunno.

Allen married Harbour in September 2020.

Would you be okay with your significant other creating a ‘foot’ OnlyFans account? How about if it went beyond feet? Then what?


Written by Todd Hancock