Korn’s Jonathan Davis To Star In The New Horror Movie ‘The Devil’s Tree’

October 30, 2021

Did you hear about this? KORN singer Jonathan Davis is starring in VFX artist-turned-director Joshua Petrino’s indie horror film “The Devil’s Tree”. Davis plays the villain, “The Pet”, joining cast members Addy Miller (little girl teddy bear zombie from “The Walking Dead”) and Nick Principe (“Laid To Rest”).


Petrino said, “Jonathan did an amazing job as our villain. He really helped us create a memorable character and it was a lot of fun working with him.”

Read “The Devil’s Tree” synopsis: “After visiting a landmark tree rumored to be a gateway to hell, a group of friends holds a pitiful house party where, without explanation, they realize they mentally can’t bring themselves to leave. Shortly after this revelation, torment and slaughter begin at the hands of a supernatural killer with a warped, sadistic sense of humor.”

Petrino told LAHorror.com back in 2013 about the film, “I’m a movie nerd through and through so I think everything I love and have watched over and over again will have an influence on this but fans of those films are sure to enjoy it. That is the crowd we are going for. We want to establish our characters as quickly as possible so we can get right to their downfall. Why should we bore you with a long setup, long dialogue and semantics? Let’s try to make you like these people ASAP and then take them away from you.”

Which musician-turned-actor performance is your favourite? 


Written by Todd Hancock

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