Kevin Smith’s Prince documentary could See the Light Of Day

October 9, 2022

Here’s something that seemed would never happen. Apparently Kevin Smith’s long-awaited Prince documentary is set to be released! 

Before his death from a fentanyl overdose in 2016, Prince gave Smith access to his world. The two spent hours talking at Prince’s Paisley Park Estate and Smith was given access-all-areas for several months.

Smith was recently interviewed by The Guardian and said the changes of the documentary hitting theatres was ‘very high’. Adding, “The director of OJ: Made in America is making a documentary for Netlix and came to the house to interview me. When they went to the vaults after Prince died, they found so much unreleased music and so many music videos, but the only footage of him talking was what I shot. It’s extraordinary: he acts differently to how he ever acted in his entire life, and he talks for hours and hours. It looks like it’s finally going to see the light.”

Smith started working on this documentary after trying to use one of Prince’s songs in another one of his movies, “We were trying to get a Prince song for ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ … we were trying to get Prince’s ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ but we couldn’t get any response back from him”.

Meanwhile, Prince’s family has reached an agreement over the division of his $156 million estate earlier this year. Prince didn’t have a will at the time of his death, no spouse or children. His estate was passed to his six half-siblings.

Looking forward to seeing what Kevin Smith put together. What’s his best work? And how about Prince? Best album? Best song?


Written by Todd Hancock