Keanu Reeves confirms new ‘Bill & Ted’ movie

February 12, 2017

Actor Keanu Reeves has confirmed they’re working on a 3rd Bill & Ted’s Movie.


Reeves was a guest of The Graham Norton Show promoting his latest movie John Wick: Chapter 2. When asked about a new Bill & Ted movie, Reeves said; “Bill and Ted are still alive. The writers have a story and we’re trying to make it.”

Reeves also revealed the film’s plot, adding; “Basically, they’re supposed to write a song to save the world and they haven’t done that.”

“The pressure of having to save the world, their marriages are falling apart, their kids are kind of mad at them, and then someone comes from the future and tells them if they don’t write the song it’s just not the world, it’s the universe. So they have to save the universe because time is breaking apart.” Watch some of the interview below:


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