Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno Talks New Solo Project The S.L.P

August 29, 2019

Kasabian’s guitarist Serge Pizzorno recently sat down with NME to talk about his trippy new solo project The S.L.P.

Pizzorno’s new band has been described as a combination of “spaghetti Western-style themes with kaleidoscope pop”. You’ll find appearances from rappers Little Simz and Slowthai on the album!

When asked why some of the new songs on The S.L.P record aren’t making it on to the new Kasabian album, Pizzorno replied, We [Kasabian] realised we’d not really had any time off – in terms of playing live or doing things – for like 20-odd years, or something mad. We thought: ‘Let’s just have a year where we do nothing.’ It felt like the right time. With this band we’ve seen so many things and done so many things. Joe Strummer said, ‘It’s good to shut the fuck up sometimes’. Even though I’ve not really done that! But it was like, as a band, ‘Let’s just be quiet for a while.’ So then I thought, ‘What the hell am I gonna do? I’ll go mad not doing anything. It’ll probably be another five or six years [before I get another chance].”

Pizzorno talked about the light-heartedness to The S.L.P, “Humour’s really at the forefront – it’s funny when it gets lost on people every now and again. [My music is] littered with ridiculous, daft things. It’s always important to me that things are funny. A lot of my favourite artists use dark humour. Thom Yorke has some killers where you think, ‘That’s just pure comedy, that.’”

And for those curious, yes, there is a new Kasabian album underway! “Yeah, I’m always in the studio. I’ve got the studio at home. I’ve started already, and from the few bits that are there already, I know that they would not have existed without this album. The wheels are turning. It’s annihilation music.”

What are some of the best side-projects you can think of?