Kasabian Make “Annihilation Music” With Their New Album

October 23, 2019

Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno recently sat down with NME to talk about their upcoming new album and 2020 live dates.

The band announced they would be playing Leicester’s Victoria Park on June 20 ’20. This will be a hometown show and the first time they’ve played the park since 2014.

Pizzorno said, “This is our third time at Victoria Park. As soon as we finished the first time, we were like, ‘We’ve got to do that again’. And it just came back around. The years fly by, and now it’s been six years. We did it right: disappear for a bit then just throw out a huge, huge gig. It just keeps everyone excited and keeps them on their toes.”

He added that they have some ‘big ideas’ for their stage production, “The aim is to transcend and the aim is to bring a huge amount of people together and bring them a moment. It will be chaos and absolutely insane. You’ve done me here because I’m getting excited now!”

Pizzorno was excited to take Kasabian into the next decade, “The last decade was just us waiting at the bus stop, now the bus has come. Let’s get on it and get on to the next decade.”

When asked about what you can expect from the follow up to their 2017 album “For Crying Out Loud”, Serge said, “I’ve started already, and from the few bits that are there already, I know that they would not have existed without this album. The wheels are turning. It’s annihilation music.”

Personally, looking forward to another decade of Kasabian. An underrated band, no doubt.


Written by Todd Hancock

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