Judas Priest 42 CD Box Set Info!

July 17, 2021

Could there be a more definitive collection of heavy metal? Probably not. Judas Priest is getting ready to release a 42 CD box set (every live album, studio album and 13 unreleased discs)! The albums were restored and mixed by Tom Allom at La Cucina W8 and mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios. It’s being released on October 15th.

Judas Priest will embark on their ’50 Heavy Metal Years’ tour to celebrate its 50th anniversary, spurred on by their highest-charting album, “Firepower”, which peaked at #5 on the Billboard 200 and #5 in the U.K.

The band formed in 1970. Chances are, before most of you reading this article were even born. Without question, they helped blaze the heavy metal trail. 

Singer Rob Halford said, “Judas Priest’s curated box set representing 50 heavy metal years is the ultimate treasure trove defining the bands unwavering commitment to keeping and defending the heavy metal faith.”

Guitarist Glenn Tipton said, “If there’s one box set you should have in your heavy metal collection, it should be this one. It’s immortal. Proclaiming and truly representing metal for over 50 years, flying the flag and proudly leading the way inspiring many bands throughout the years, this 42-CD selection says it all. It’s a big part of metal history and as such will live forever.”

 Bassist Ian Hill said, “AMAZING — 50 years of metal crammed into a small box!!”

CD 1 – Rocka Rolla
CD 2 – Sad Wings of Destiny
CD 3 – Sin After Sin (1977)
CD 4 – Stained Glass (1978)
CD 5 – Killing Machine – (1978)
CD 6 – Unleashed In the East (Live in Japan 1979)
CD 7 – British Steel
CD 8 – Point Of Entry
CD 9 – Screaming for Vengeance
CD 10 – Defenders of the Faith
CD 11 – Turbo
CD 12/13 – Priest… Live!
CD 14 – Ram It Down
CD 15 – Painkiller
CD 16 – Jugulator
CD 17/18 – ’98 Live Meltdown
CD 19 – Demolition
CD 20/21 – Live in London
CD 22 – Angel of Retribution
CD 23/24 – Nostradamus (Act 1) & Nostradamus (Act 2)
CD 25 – A Touch Of Evil Live
CD 26/27 – Redeemer of Souls
CD 29 – Firepower
CD 30/31 – Live In Atlanta ’82 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 33/34 – Live In Houston ’86 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 35/36 – Live In New Haven ’88 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 37 – Los Angeles ’90 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 38 – London ’81(Previously Unreleased)
CD 39 – Denver ’80 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 40 – Irvine ’91 (Previously Unreleased)
CD 41/42 – Beyond Live & Rare (Previously Unreleased)

The box set is priced at $479.98.

What’s Priest’s best album?


Written by Todd Hancock

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