Jonathan Davis updates Korn’s new album

June 2, 2018

If you were hoping for a new Korn album, their singer Jonathan Davis recently sat down with WhatCulture and said expect a bit of a wait.


Korn’s last album, their 12th full-length, “The Serenity Of Suffering” came out in 2016. 

Davis told WhatCulture that the band has stared working on a new album, “[Guitarists] Head and Munky have been writing with a couple different producers, working on riffs and putting them down, cataloguing everything. We’re gonna get together as a band in July and start putting their ideas together in the studio and start working on it.”

Jonathan said they were looking at a summer 2019 release date. “It’s in the future, definitely,” he said. “When I get back after this European [solo] run, I start writing vocals for the stuff that they’ve done. We’re gonna keep working through the year, so hopefully we’ll have it out, probably, this time next year.”

Meanwhile, Davis released his debut solo album “Black Labyrinth” last week (May 25).

Written by Todd Hancock