Joe Perry talks Aerosmith’s Future

May 29, 2017

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry recently did an interview with The Associated Press (watch video below) and said they’ll continue playing until their fiftieth anniversary, which the band will celebrate in 2020.


Perry said, “I thing that we’re gonna keep going. The way it looks to me is the band is gonna stay pretty active over the next few years ’cause our fiftieth anniversary is coming up in two years, of when the band got together, and we’d like to see that happen.”

Singer Steven Tyler added, “I don’t know if it’ll continue forever, but as long as the band is playing the way it is right now, it’s gonna be for a long time.”

Aerosmith launched their “Aero-Vederci Baby!” Tour on May 17 with the band’s first show in Israel in more than 20 years. Some 50,000 people went to Park HaYarkon in Tel Aviv.


Speaking to NME on May 27, Perry explained that the band had had a change of heart over its farewell tour. “We thought it was gonna be a good idea when we first started plotting the European run,” he said. “We’re gonna do South America and the States for five months and we thought, ‘Well, we’re getting near the end here.’ We don’t know when the tour is gonna end, but we know there’ll be a last gig of this tour. We all have lives outside of the band. We grew up together, went from being kids in the apartment to a long and storied career, so we thought, ‘It’s time.’ Then we were in South America doing interviews and we couldn’t fuckin’ say it, that there was gonna be a last gig. We were looking at each other going, ‘Really? Are we really gonna say this is the farewell tour?’ So we kinda changed our minds. Will the band be together in a year? We’ll do everything we can to make sure it is, but God may have other plans. Judging by how he’s treated us over the last forty-eight years, I’d like to think he’s gonna let us see fifty, but you can’t guarantee that.”

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