Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off About Net Neutrality Repeal

December 15, 2017

ICYMI your internet life just took a turn for the worse – and Jimmy Kimmel went off about  the “absolutely despicable” repeal of net neutrality. As he should have! He should be pissed! A good part of his show lives and breathes online – like this video below:

Personally, I’ve been using “jackhole” (Kimmel called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) director Ajit Pai one in his monologue on Thursday) for years – anyone who listened to me on CFOX Vancouver knows that. Jackhole. A great insult.

Kimmel said, in part, “The FCC did something absolutely despicable today: They voted to put an end to net neutrality. Now this is the rule that says everyone gets equal access to the internet. As long as they us they’re doing it now, internet service providers will be allowed to slow down or block web traffic to any website or streaming service that like, which benefits the big telecom companies and does the opposite for all of us.”

AND… 83 percent of Americans support net neutrality. And there were COUNTLESS DECEASED PEOPLE emailing the FCC lobbying to kill net neutrality. Dead people. No shit. WHAT. THE. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU

What would you be willing to pay for internet – ’cause it COULD be coming to this…



Written by Todd Hancock / https://twitter.com/toddcastpodcast