Lawrence plays Raven Darkhölme (aka Mystique) in the movies (a shapeshift and healer).

And during an interview with ET Weekly, Jennifer said director Simon Kinberg convinced her to sign up for next year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. “Because when I was trying to talk Simon into directing, he said something like, ‘If I direct it, you have to do it. And I was like, ‘Of course! Duh!’”


Lawrence also said she wasn’t a fan of being painted head-to-toe in blue paint. “I love these movies, it’s just the paint. I was 20 [in X-Men: First Class] and I didn’t care about fumes and toxins, and now I’m almost 25 and I’m like, ‘I can’t even pronounce this and that’s going in my nose? I’m breathing that?’”

Comic book fans can look forward to X-Men: Dark Phoenix being in theatres on November 2nd, 2018!

Written by Todd Hancock /