Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed

November 8, 2022

It shouldn’t surprise you that Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story has been renewed by Netflix for two more seasons. Didn’t everyone and their dog was this creepy AF series?

For these next two series, Netflix will now focus on “other monstrous figures who have impacted society”.

Netflix’s ‘Monster’ series has racked up more than 1.35 billion hours of viewing in the first month alone!

Fans are guessing that the next season could be about Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy.

As you might expect, Netflix is taking heat for renewing this series. It’s faced criticism from the LGBTQ+ community, victim’s family members and the general public. Many wonder if series like this glorify extreme violence.


Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is streaming on Netflix.

What do you think? Should they be making these types of true-to-life series? Is it disgraceful for the victims’ families and friends? Curious to get your thoughts on this renewed series. 


Written by Todd Hancock