James Gunn shares update on ‘Superman: Legacy’

December 18, 2023

Did you catch this? Is anyone actually using this platform with any sort of regularity? Director James Gunn shared an update on his Threads account for the upcoming DC movie, Superman Legacy.

This movie will launch DC’s new film universe, spearheaded by the Guardians of the Galaxy brainchild and his  his co-CEO of DC Studios, Peter Safran.

As you can see, Gunn wrote, “Spoiler??!! Well, probably not. I’m constantly drawing Superman Legacy shots and storyboards all over everything. Here’s one I just sent to my department heads to understand how tight a shot was going to be we had been discussing.”

Gunn also mentioned Superman’s costume and the movie’s music score, “The costume is mostly done but we’re still going back and forth on some elements. A lot of the score – maybe even most of the major themes – have already been written.”

Gunn recently pushed back to accusations that the upcoming Superman reboot has ‘a large cast’, filled with cameos like Metamorpho (Anthony Carrigan), Hawkgirl (Isabel Merced), Mister Terrific (Edi Gathegi), Guy Gardner (Nathan Fillion), and possibly Jason Momoa as Lobo.

“The whole point was it’s NOT a large film – I mean, not in terms of cast. It’s normal for single protagonist films to have other characters – much more unusual for them not to,” Gunn wrote. “None of those roles [in Superman: Legacy] are cameos.”

David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan have been cast in the lead roles of Superman and Lois Lane, respectively.

Superman: Legacy will hit theatres on July 11, 2025!


Written by Todd Hancock