Jack White ‘Boarding House Reach’ Track Listing

January 14, 2018

Jack White hasn’t released a new solo album since 2014’s “Lazaretto” – and come March 23rd thru his Third Man Records, that changes with the release of his upcoming third solo LP, “Boarding House Reach”.

White announced the album on Wednesday (Jan 10), issuing lead single “Connected By Love” (watch the official video below) and album cut “Respect Commander.” White produced and recorded the album himself at at Sear Sound in New York City, Capitol Studios in Los Angeles and his own Third Man Studio in Nashville.

Jack White – Boarding House Reach Track List

1. “Connected By Love”
2. “Why Walk A Dog?”
3. “Corporation”
4. “Abulia and Akrasia”
5. “Hypermisophoniac”
6. “Ice Station Zebra”
7. “Over and Over and Over”
8. “Everything You’ve Ever Learned”
9. “Respect Commander”
10. “Ezmerelda Steals The Show”
11. “Get In The Mind Shaft”
12. “What’s Done Is Done”
13. “Humoresque”


Written by Todd Hancock / https://twitter.com/toddcastpodcast