Is This The End of Aerosmith?

January 25, 2017

Is Aerosmith over as a band? Guitarist Brad Whitford recently sat down with NME and talked about their future after their upcoming ‘Farewell Tour’ and whether we’ll hear new music.


Aerosmith said last year that their 2017 “Aerovederic UK & European Tour would be their last.

Guitarist Brad Whitford spoke to NME about why they’re decided to end the band: “Oh gosh, I’m not really sure. I don’t know, I think it was a general business decision, between the promoters to the management to the band. I don’t actually feel like we’re gonna be shutting the whole thing down at the end of it, but I think there’s a lot more life in the band. But, I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. So, we’re just starting to put the farewell label on things.”

Whether or not we’ll hear new music, Whitford said: “That is a very good question. We haven’t been in the studio in a while, and I think we’re gonna be in the studio a little bit next month. We’ll have a better idea of it all, when we get together and do that –  of whether we’re gonna record any new music. I know we would like to. And I know that we probably have quite a bit of music that we’re sitting on. Whether we actually follow through on that, how much we’re gonna do, whether it would be a couple of songs or more, is yet to be seen, but it sure would be fun!”

He continued: “I’d say the band is playing really well, people are writing a lot, there’s a lot of music that’s being created on the side-lines, in home studios and all that sort of stuff. It would be fun to just have something new to do. We’ve just got to take it organically, if it feels good we’ll go ahead and do it.”


On the matter of their legacy and whether the band has anything else to say, Whitford added: “I think we’ve squeezed so much out of rock and roll over the last 50 years. It’s hard to say.

“I don’t know how much new there would be to say, but I certainly think it would be entertaining when you look at the cast of characters that we have here, and of course Mr. Tyler – I mean you never know. I think it would be fun!”