Is THE OFFSPRING Releasing Two New Albums?

November 26, 2018

Good news if you’re a fan of The Offspring! They’re working on their 10th studio album and guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman recently told Junkee, “We’ve been spending a bit of time in the studio with Bob Rock, who worked on our last two albums as well. He’s great, man — we get along with him really well. We’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re preparing to go in and record right now.”


Noodles added: “I think there’s a record’s worth in there, but we’re thinking that maybe the songs are just a little too different. We know there’s a song or two on every record that comes out of left field for us, but it’s more than just a couple this time. Right now, we’re entertaining the idea of doing two records — one where we can put all of these, and another of straight-up Offspring songs.”

ICYMI Noodles spoke to Australia’s Music Feeds this summer and said the band was tossing around the idea of putting out their new music on two separate albums, “We’ve been working with Bob on and off on this record for five years, really. But we had a real productive string this year, in the earlier part of the year. We had probably five or six songs that we did just right then and it started to feel like maybe this is the direction we should be going with this record. A little bit more straight-forward Offspring stuff. I think we’re looking at making two records out of it — you know, like, splitting ’em up and coming out with a pretty straightforward punk and rock record that sounds like us, and then maybe saving some of the crazier stuff for another record.”

Are you ready for 2 new Offspring albums? Is that a good idea? Is it too much new music to ingest? Or screw that, gimme as much new stuff as possible?


Written by Todd Hancock