“I think it’s no secret that every band is getting together…” Korn Has Written A New Album!

April 27, 2021

Korn singer Jonathan Davis recently spoke to Kerrang! magazine and revealed that the band has used the pandemic ‘downtime’ to work on a new album!

Davis said, “We just got done writing a record. The band is in different spots all over the place now, too. I’m in Bakersfield, a couple of guys are in L.A. and a couple of guys are in Nashville. It’s like an act of God to get us all together to do anything. We have to plan that all out. I’m sure there are a bazillion other bands with new music to release, too. In the meantime, let’s just go out, play live and have some fun.”

You may remember earlier this year that guitarist Brian “Head” Welch confirmed they’re writing new songs, “I think it’s no secret that every band is getting together and there’s probably going to be a lot of records coming out.” 

Meanwhile, the band’s global streaming event, “Korn: Monumental”, went down on April 24th. And since COVID stopped Korn from touring their latest album, “The Nothing”, this was the first time you got to see the live debut of songs off that album.

“The Nothing” came out in September 2019 and with any luck, a new Korn album will be out before year’s end.

No doubt by 2022 at the latest…


Written by Todd Hancock

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