‘I suggested we record a ‘bunker record.’ Monster Magnet Is Releasing A Covers Album!

March 25, 2021

Like most bands you hear/read about, Monster Magnet’s touring schedule was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They wrapped up the European “Powertrip” tour in February 2020 and immediately had their North American leg postponed. So, now what?

Singer Dave Wyndorf thoughts: why not a covers album?

“A Better Dystopia” (out May 21, 2021) is Monster Magnet’s first covers album, with the band paying homage to some of their favourite songs. Check out “Mr. Destroyer” (originally by POO-BAH) in the video above.

Wyndorf says, “We all agreed that we would be bored out of our minds within a month of lockdown. Monster Magnet loves the road. It’s a lifestyle. So, I considered our options. Rather than panhandle on the Internet, hawking masks and Zoom-rocking practice sessions for dollars, I suggested we record a ‘bunker record.’ A total DIY affair recorded and mixed in Bob Pantella’s small-but-potent Freak Shop Studios/rehearsal space right here in New Jersey. But what to record?”

Check out the songs they decided to record:

01. The Diamond Mine
02. Born To Go
03. Epitaph For A Head
04. Solid Gold Hell
05. Be Forewarned 
06. Mr. Destroyer 
07. When The Wolf Sits 
08. Death 
09. Situation 
10. It’s Trash 
11. Motorcycle (Straight To Hell) 
12. Learning To Die 
13. Welcome To The Void (bonus track)

Which band would you like to see put together a covers album? 


Written by Todd Hancock

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