“I grew up with classic songwriting, which sticks with me now.” 27 Minutes With Offspring Bassist Todd Morse!

March 27, 2021

You’ll know Todd Morse from H20 – a punk band he started with his brother Toby. He’s the lead guitarist in Juliette & The Licks. And he’s the touring bassist for The Offspring!

Morse is also a good friend with the guys in Sum41. Together they have a punk project together called The Operation MD.

You’ll love how engaged he is with the conversation. We talked about aliens & the God Particle, binge watching Breaking Bad, what Bob Rock is like & the genius of Eddie Trunk, he told a cool Foo Fighters Dave Grohl story, seeing Black Flag in concert, the influence of Ramones & Sex Pistols, touring, Wanda Vision, reading Rolling Stone & more!

If you’d rather watch the Zoom, here you go!

Written by Todd Hancock