Audio: Three Days Grace’s New Single ‘So Called Life’

November 29, 2021

Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst was recently a guest of the Two Doods Review podcast and talked about their new single, “So Called Life” (official video below) and their forthcoming new album! 

Walst said, “It’s a little different. It’s a pretty heavy song and definitely full of emotions and frustrations of everyday life. It was actually the first song we wrote on this record, going back almost pre-pandemic. We started jamming, actually, beside Neil’s [Sanderson, drums] pool and it turned out really angry. [Laughs] I think it’s a great tune. I think the fans are gonna relate to it. And it’s gonna be a fun one live, I know that.”

The podcast asked Walst whether the album (due Spring 2022) was inspired by the pandemic, “We didn’t really direct the songs towards there, but we’re a pretty honest band and we like to write about our true emotions and what we’re going through. So, naturally, being stuck at home and stuck on Zoom with each other, some pretty emotional songs came out of it. We wrote the first half of the record remotely. We recorded it remotely, which we’d never done. And then we just got back together a couple of months ago and did the rest. But it was interesting, man, and definitely a different vibe. And I think some great songs came out of it.”

Meanwhile, Three Days will be touring the U.S. in April/May 2022 and will open a handful of Godsmack dates around then too.

Are you as big of a fan with Matt Walst singing for 3DG as you were of Adam Gontier?


Written by Todd Hancock

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